Learn. Create. Innovate.



Part of the creation, innovation, and business growth process is learning. The Innovation Center at Saratoga will be offering classes and STEM/STEAM programs for middle and high school students…and we may sneak some of those fun classes into the adult schedule.

Our first offering is a Roller Coaster Camp, in association with Clarkson University. Learn More about our Summer Camp for 2022.

In association with Clarkson University, the Innovation Center at Saratoga, Inc. is offering the opportunity for rising 7th and 8th graders to experience the creation of a roller coaster and theme park while working in small teams. Students will learn the science behind roller coasters and then use Roblox to create their dream coaster as part of a theme park.

Camp registration includes:

  • 3 days of in-class exploration of physics, math, and computers
  • Incorporation of artistic components as students learn to theme their parks and coasters
  • 1 all-expenses-paid d(including food) at the Great Escape to see a theme park in action

This camp is based on the very successful Roller Coaster camp developed by the Physics and Math departments at Clarkson University. Our team will be trained by the Clarkson faculty who run this camp on their Potsdam campus.