Learn. Create. Innovate.


The Innovation Center at Saratoga can:

Create unique opportunities for vocational and technical education
Generate apprenticeship opportunities
Build new skills for existing employees
Support independent work and self-employment
Provide STEM educational opportunities to schools, community groups, and individuals

The Innovation Center at Saratoga, Inc. is a:


Saratoga County is ready for a Makerspace. This is the foundation upon which all other features and function of the Center are created. Individual community members will be able to join as members, purchase a day pass, or rent studios. A makerspace allows you to share equipment and space for your own personal projects or professional development. Areas will include: technology, woodshop, textiles, electronics, dark room, and more.


The entrepreneur culture is growing in Saratoga County. The Innovation Center at Saratoga, Inc. can provide support to help entrepreneurs with prototyping of parts and products.


The Creative Economy is growing and we know from over 20 years of working with artists that they need all the support they can get to market themselves and grow as business people, as well as artists. This includes renting artist studios, creating music studios for music teachers to rent for lessons. A dark room and recording studio are also in the plans.


There is no real open community space in the region where groups can meet to collaborate on projects. Not only can community groups use the open collaboration space, we can work with them on equipment sharing agreements. Our surveys have also indicated artists in the region are longing for networking and places to meet, collaborate, and be inspired by other artists.

Education & Workforce Development

There is a need in this region for skilled laborers. This space can provide training in basic carpentry and electronics skills. Additionally, the space lends itself very well to:

  • Business growth and planning seminars for entrepreneurs and artists
  • Shark Tank-like programs and facilities to help hone presentation skills
  • Scout badge programs
  • School STEAM programs
  • Summer camps, specifically focusing on STEM education
  • After school programs